This is Leaks for "Yamaha Mio Soul GT" (Yamaha Mio Soul Injection 2012)

harga sepeda motor terbaru Yamaha Mio Soul GT 2012

This is Leaks for Yamaha Mio Soul GT (Yamaha Mio Soul Injection 2012)

It seems that Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) continue to perform the latest innovations to keep the competition with Honda. After the previous Honda Yamaha which is the closest competitors in the market Indonesia announced a couple of series scootic with injection technology, they eventually will do the same. Previously Yamaha Indonesia has officially introduced the J series Mio is already equipped with injection technology, and now they are also prepared to "Yamaha Mio Soul GT" which is a variant of Mio Soul injection.

The presence Matic scooter with injection technology that can save fuel dikalim Currently it is necessary, it is because fuel prices will keep rising, so that when the vehicle fuel consumption and costs less bersehabat it will also affect the level of sales. Rumored that the latest variant also uses the same engine as used by the J series engine berkapasita Mio 113cc SOHC 2 valve types. Injection technology is used also as the Yamaha Fuel Injection Mixture-JET (YMJET-FI).

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