Review "Yamaha Lexam 2011" The Bebek Matic With YCAT Technology

Bebek Matic Yamaha Lexam Was Released by Official Jorge Lorenzo Guest Stars

As if not to be outdone by Honda Revo AT product, ie a motorcycle with automatic technology. Finally, PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia finally released the product with the same technology in January 2011. Bebek Matic Products is given the name "Yamaha Lexam".

The motorcycle is actually based on common motor, but in order to turn into vehicles such as Scootic Automatic, then use the technology YCAT Yamaha (Yamaha Compact Automatic Transmission). When compared with the Honda Revo which already uses AT fogging fuel injection technology, probably still loyal Yamaha Lexam premises such as the use of carburetor motor bebek common.

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